Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pas Laide

I'm not as in love with Johnny Depp as seemingly everyone else of my gender but I think he's a better actor than he should be. Conversely, I'm hardly a fan of Angelina Jolie but I admit to being simply awed by her beauty. And I'm not one to turn down breathtaking scenes shot in Venice and Paris. So my plans for tonight after kiddo's bedtime involve hanging out in my pjs with The Tourist.

Below, some images that send my costume and styling envy into overdrive.

And here, a little makeup tutorial that looks like a lot of fun for later tonight. (Right now I am rereading Mikhail Bulgokov's The Master and Margarita. It is an incredible piece of literature but when the opportunity to act single for a night appears, sometimes I just want to girl out.)


  1. I haven't seen this movie yet! But I know it is in my Netflix queue. It looks like a visual feast. --Bliss

  2. My husband and I roared with laughter through this whole movie.

    I am so over the mythology of St. Angelina. She's so full of herself now that she's not all that much fun to watch. There was absolutely zero chemistry between her and poor Johnny Depp. But the scenery in Venice was stunning.

  3. I haven't watched it yet but the reviews have not been good. St. Angelina is funny - that fake, breathy voice! - but so pretty and so well-styled in this movie. I'm still looking forward to seeing it when I get a moment.

  4. I knew going in this movie was going to be HORRENDOUS, I just went to see it for how beautiful they both looked. So I wasn't upset about it. (Timothy Dalton's two scenes were a nice surprise.) I prefer to watch Angelina beating people up Salt style!

    and for Johnny, I'm expecting the upcoming Pirates movie to be just as bad, but I love Penelope. So...I'll be there.

  5. Oh the scenery and costuming were marvelous! But somehow the movie itself didn't quite capture me ~ oh well! I enjoyed the breathtaking eye candy anyway! :)

    Btw, hopping over from French Chic! I loved what you said about French being used as a general term for "simple elegance, an aversion to blind materialism, appreciation of good
    food, ample wit, intelligence and style".


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