Monday, April 4, 2011


I am spending a quiet day with my son. Out in the garden, soaking up sun (through the filter of mineral sunblock and a straw hat). We have chard and spinach, broccoli and strawberries and arugula, all in varying states of readiness.

Our garden is so "California hippie," as I guess I am. Right down to the kitchy Mexican ceramic sun and moon, the stone Quan Yin, the duck decoy (not unlike the one my duck-hunting dad gave me for bathtime when I was a child).

It is lovely spending time with him, out there, out here in our suburban place. Transplants, we are. Like the calla lilies I shook from their pots and planted in their new place, in dirt that is likely a bit too silty. Just trying to bloom where we are planted, as fridge magnet wisdom says.

If we stay here we'll grow more. If not our little garden is a good size to take with us wherever we go.

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