Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Vanity

I used to have a delightful chinoiserie vanity table. I got it when I was a funky young creative type. It was a fabulous flea market find that had the patina of age and a milky turquoise paint chosen by some previous old funky creative type. I sold it in a move many years ago and I've been without a space to get fabulized ever since. I don't tend to shop for sport but I was thrilled to find the vanity of my dreams today. It is similar to this:

but a thousand times better!

It will go beautifully with my nightstands. They look a lot like these:

The rest of the room is rather sparse, save a beautiful Indian tapestry that sounds hippie in the extreme but is actually rather lovely in person. I will take pictures of my boudoir when the new vanity arrives. For now I was excited and wanted to share!


  1. Love this furniture....I am sure your vanity is superb....xv

  2. Can't wait to see yours! I love the thrill of a hunt and the smug satisfaction in the find. It is so cool that you are decorating mid-century modern--I have always been tempted but have stayed with my 1930-40s finds. xxBliss


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