Monday, March 28, 2011

Day One

Day one of my little experiment in formalized self-improvment. It's been all right. For being entirely under-slept and over-committed I feel well and happy.

I ate a solid paleo diet today, with not too much coffee. I went to a therapy appointment and recognized that I've honestly made some breakthroughs this past week. And so much of that has stemmed from me remembering to use the tool of manifesting my ideal self as an "Inner French Girl."

For specific goal setting with regard to cultivating a more elegant life, a more chic manner and appearance, I've decided to select some random style tips and give them each a week to take shape.
More tomorrow, and more detail. For now I wanted to check in quickly before giving the apartment a post-dinner sweep - a new nightly goal to manifest a shiny wooden floor, beginning now.

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