Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dans la Rue, Dans ma Tete

I'm increasingly less able to concentrate on things that usually interest me. Participating in the demonstrations in both San Francisco and in Oakland (at whose general strike I spent all day with my 3-year-old and many thousands of peaceful and positive people last Wednesday) gives me hope. People are making connections there and coming up with creative ways to drive change in a world that has been out of balance for too long.

Do I believe in hurling bricks to bring about social change? Mais non! But in keeping with the general theme of the blog, this image comes from the May 1968 strikes in Paris.

I'm confused and annoyed by all the mainstream press I read, but not enough to dwell on it. It seems so clear that the Occupy people are asking for such a simple thing: that those who control the great majority of the wealth in the country should also contribute their fair share to society and pay taxes. Access to medicine, food and shelter are human rights, and it's criminal that we don't have these basic bases covered in a country in which banks can take massive public bailouts from our citizen's tax dollars into one hand, and dole out generous bonuses to their CEOs with the other. No media circus that focuses on a few "hippies" or "anarchists" in a population of thousands of "normal" people who are coming out to demonstrate can overshadow that. And though I am in the 99%, my family is fortunate that we are employed, well-fed, and comfortable. And the taxes we pay are disproportionately low. So we continue to support those organizations whose work we believe in.  And I continue to be excited that our world seems poised for positive change.

In other news, I have myself signed up for National Novel Writing Month. What a disappointment to confirm what I already knew: I may love writing but I don't have a creative bone in my head! So I'm using the November 30th deadline to write 50,000 words as my prompt to complete a non-fiction book. It will be unofficial; the rules of NaNoWriMo state that work is to be fictional only. But if I can use this month to complete a work that I've been shuffling around in my head for six years? Official or no, I will call it a success.

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